Have you ever wondered why ungodly people always want you to take part in their conversation after knowing you are saved? Well I often wonder about that and am yet to figure out their motive.  In the past couple of months, GOD has favored me with the opportunity to work and learn a new skill. Unfortunately it hasn’t being easy due to the work environment.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect everything to be easy but this has been one hell of a struggle.  Every day the conversation on the job is about sex, f notes and everything worldly. I know I have done many of these in the past but no longer find passion for such behavior. When I am able to get away from them, I engulf the opportunity but I am rarely able to do that. It’s frustrating at times. Sadly, the supervisor is no better than the others. Why do they direct the question towards “you” and then look at you with a stupid look I don’t know. If they could learn to respect that everyone isn’t the same and everyone doesn’t like the same things they do, then things would be different.That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon.


I find myself shaking to a sound that is being played and smiling to something that is funny but vulgar. When I catch myself I feel so guilty! Other times I want to curse at them and insult them but most often I just smile and ignore them. Someone told me that all I need to do is make sure that place doesn’t change me and that’s what I take into account every day. Sometimes I wish to find another job, some kind of ministry, where I can be around positive people but not everyone is meant to work in ministry… and even that isn’t always fun. My pastor once said a job is designed to pay you and nothing else. That thought helps me to push forward.

The things they say to drag you in!

Here are some examples of what they say to me on a daily basis:

  1. Have you ever had sex?
  2. Have you ever lied?
  3. Do you still have feelings and what do you do with them?
  4. Are you gay?
  5. Pastor sins to and GOD understands and forgives.
  6. How can you do it?
  7. I am sure that you do sin.

These are just some of the questions they use to draw me into their ungodly conversations. God help me because I haven;t always been successful in keeping my mouth closed. It truly isn’t easy to be a Christian in an ungodly place but with His help I am staying strong.



I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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