Once when I was a child, I fell asleep on the floor in my grandmother’s room and when I awoke, I found myself under her bed in darkness. What made my ordeal worse was I did not know where I was because I was still sleepy. My eyes were not yet to adjusted to the darkness, so therefore my mind was lying to me. I thought that I was in a rectangle box, with no lights. My heart was on a treadmill and I swore death was coming. I  remember calming down, and that was when I realized where I was. I then crawled out, promising myself that would never happen again. Well that promise wasn’t kept because it did happen again.  I wish that was the only scary story I have but it isn’t. As long as I have life I’ll have many more to tell.

During a conversation with my mentor this week, I was encouraged to talk to Jesus as a friend. During that conversation with Him some truth came to me. I  was scared out of my mind. Scared of things that have not even touched me. I have prepared myself and lost sleep worrying about things that only happen in my head. Recently a friend of mind stayed up all night and couldn’t sleep, all because she believed she saw a ghost. Nothing I said to her made her less scared. I  eventually gave up and I guess she finally fell asleep. I too have stayed up in the past because of things in my head. Oh how I hated scary movies, but today one of my favorite television shows is a scary one. Jesus showed me if I learn to focus on Him and not on my situation then fear won’t be my friend.


I  am done being scared of yesterday’s news, always worrying about what is coming and what’s next. I am tired of giving my ear to the wrong tunes. Tired of letting fear run and dominate my life. All the time I have been worrying about this and that nothing has touched me! GOD has not allowed the enemy to lay one finger on me. Yes! The enemy hasn’t shut up and he’s not going to until the return of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST but he hasn’t been allowed to lay a finger on me. I had to humble myself to that realization because I have been blinded. I was so distracted and unfocused that I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t see the truth until I followed the advice of my mentor and talked to my King as a friend.


No one wants to be afraid nor admit they are, but if you don’t then you’ll never be free from it. I know it’s not easy living in this world but that doesn’t mean you have to be scared out of your mind. Give your fear to GOD and let Him give you peace. Today my pastor preached on guarding your heart. In his sermon it showed us that all our issues occur because we allow something to get in us. We give our ears and eyes to things and people that we shouldn’t and that’s the problem. Trust GOD and stop allowing the wrong things or people to have your heart.



I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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