Does GOD hate gay people?

Well according to my classmates, He does and according to that very ignorant pastor on Facebook, whose name I didn’t bother to recall, He does. But that is a lie that comes straight from the pits of hell. GOD hates sins and always will. Yes, homosexuality is a sin too. I know many will disagree with me and that’s okay but there is a big difference between sin and people. Homosexual, fornication, adultery are sinful human acts and though GOD hates these sinful practices that human beings commit, His love for us does not change and never will. It’s odd to me that we have no problem calling fornication and adultery sin but we do have a problem calling homosexuality sin? Anyway that’s a question I might never get an answer to and that’s okay by me.


My classmate and I were discussing several topics when the homosexual conversation came up. My question that I never was able to finish was supposed to go like this, “Have you guys heard about the police catching three men in a sex act in town”? Before I could complete my question, one of my classmates responded in a way that sent shock waves to my brain and more.

“Oh you mean that thing that happened Sunday in the USA, I was so happy it happened and I am sorry he didn’t kill more.” Not too long after the others agreed with his statement. I tried to explain to them that these people are human beings and someone’s children, but it was pointless. My classmate reminded me that GOD hates them and they deserve to die. I soon dropped the subject because i knew it was pointless to continue on the topic.


I use to think that GOD hates gay people and that being gay is a death sentence. I believed that it was sick and nasty and growing up in a country that isn’t afraid to say “fire burn a batty man and all batty man must die”, I believed that too. I especially hated to see a man be gay and girly.  To this day, I have no problem seeing women kiss but I do have a problem when they are having sex. I too always used the Bible to justify my wicked thoughts because that’s what I was raised to believe. I can’t recall if we ever had a conversation  about homosexuality with my family when I was young. I do know that among my peers and the music that I listened to, being gay wasn’t a good thing and the belief was all of them should die and the world would be better. Man, I was young and ignorant.


Yes GOD loves you just as you are and accepts you just as you are… If anyone says otherwise they are liars and the truth isn’t in them. But just because he accepts  us as we are doesn’t mean  we are right in what we think and do. From experience I know one encounter with JESUS will change your life forever. It doesn’t mean that everything you did will automatically go away, bit I know your lifesystle and things you once loved will start to change. There will be things that will change instantly and ones that will be a journey. I know fear will arise as well. Funny isnt it, one will wonder. Lets be honest though… After JESUS, you’re left knowing things won’t be the same and if you truly want Him, then you have a season of being alone. Temptation, frustration, anger and depression will come. He’s asking you to leave everything and everyone to a life unknown and that’s the scary part. It’s the part no one wants but everyone needs!




I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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