Why is it easier to video and post than help someone in need?

How many video clips have you watched where people are just standing by doing nothing while someone is being attacked? The first time I saw such a thing I was a child. My aunt’s husband was beating her. It made me so angry. So many stood by as he dragged her ,on an unpaved road, screaming her head off, while the onlookers did nothing. To this day I am not sure which  angered me the most: him abusing her, me not being able to help, or them doing nothing.  That day’s event has never left my memory . I was a helpless child but no one needed to tell me that wasn’t okay. What he was doing was wrong and someone should have stopped him, instead of enjoying the show. I am not sure what took place afterwards, but that was the last time she stayed with him. I later found out he was arrested. After his release from prison he came back but was soon booted and that was that.


Technology wasn’t a thing in my childhood, but as I remember people’s attitude towards domestic violence or any such violence haven’t changed much. It might have upgraded a bit because technology has developed but the nasty attitude has not. I am not sure how many have heard of “World Star Hip Hop Fights”? Well if you haven’t, look it up on You Tube”. I  am guilty of watching it myself, just so you know. What I gather from these clips is that people of all ages would rather video tape and post than stop a fight. I don’t understand why. Yes I do agree video helps and one needs to be smart, because you might might end up hurt or worse. However I will never understand why our instinct is to video and post rather than be human.


It was a Sunday afternoon and I was getting ready to go to work when a lady ran down to the house where I was living. She was so scared and needed a place to hide. She didn’t come to me but my roommate at the time. This was understandable because they were both older and my roommate had experienced the same thing. I was stunned to hear my roommate saying little or nothing to the lady about the situation other than the same nonsense. “Girl you must behave, and you know how he does get on, it’s best you leave him, you both love each other and should work things out”. Well I had enough  and while she stood next to me I made my point as clearly as I could say it. “If you don’t leave this man, he will kill you”. Long story short, I was surprised when she came back a few months later to tell me she did leave him and thank you. Unfortunately her life was cut short because of the years of abuse by her own hands and his. She ended up with cancer and die a few years later, how sad.


Yes I have no intention to argue with anyone that will say,”Sometimes you get the worst when you try to help.”. That is true, but why has it become easier to video and post than be a human being? I was sad that young woman didn’t live longer than those few years but the look on her face and mine when she told me that she left him was greater than gold. I do believe video and post can save a life and even have saved lives, but I will never understand why something like “World-Star Hip Hop Fights” can be a hit.




I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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