I have used the “F” note before, can’t remember how many times but I know I have. I can say the “F” note is funny, freaky,  foolish, etc. but am wise enough to know what “F” note I truly want to use. Many people say as long as the word can be spelled it isn’t bad. I laugh at their ignorance because they know that’s not true.  Would I be judge by admitting I want to use this word at times…  probably but frankly I don’t care. Am not prefect but am working on controlling my tongue and that’s a good thing.

I wake up each day with the sound of the “F” note ringing in my ear. I hate that terrible sound and wish to hear a lullabye. “F”,”F’,”F’,F’, is the sound they sing, oh how i wish they use the “G” note instead. “G”,G”,G”,G” is what I like to hear but am starting to realize “F” is all they know. F, this, F,that,F the next, I hear them sing, while  using my finger to cover my ear.I scream  “G”,G”,G  but no one seems to hear, for  the “F”note is too high for my “G” to be heard.  What is so special about the “F” note I wonder, as I listen to the sound from their mouths with my finger in my ear. Am I judging them I wonder in silence, for the “F” which once brought pleasure to my soul now hurts my ear. “F”,”F”,F”,F’, I used to say while my buddies cheered me along the way. We laughed out loud, not realizing the ignorance of our youth while using the “F” note that brought pleasure to our souls.



I was once an ignorant child hated and abusing the “F” note I love so dear, cursing like crazy with nothing over my month. I call myself grown and with a big brain, not realizing how foolish i were. Laughing aloud at my ignorance, while been cheer on by my ignorant buddies as well. ‘OH” how i wish someone had put a muzzle over our months, back then we might had say thank you to them or “F” you instead.  AWE, A child, A child, we were believing we grown, now today the “F” that i once love bring shame to my soul.



“F” when am sad, “F” when am happy, “F” when am lonely, angry or crazy. “F” when someone past my way, “F” when they rude to me and “F” when  am rude to them. “F” was the note of my future that I abuse so badly not realizing that “F” is the name of my “FATHER” which is in heaven. “F”F”F, is the note i come to love hoping someday I’ll  teach the “F” note to the young ignorant soul.



I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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