So I’ve done something I  am not proud of… I may have told some lies and you may think that makes me a liar, but that isn’t true. I may have broken a few hearts and you may call me a heart breaker but that isn’t true. I may have cursed a few too many times and you may think that I cant control my tongue but you are so wrong about me. I may have a bad day, one when I think and say things I shouldn’t have. You may think that makes me a terrible person, but that again isn’t true. Why are you acting like you know me? Who told you that I am defined by my past, who told you such a lie about me? Well I have some news for you, so I want you to pay attention well because  I’m going to tell you a little about the real me, and when I am done don’t you ever think that you know me again.

My name is KENGIE PETERS, and I  am a child of the LIVING GOD! I have been through hell and back but I am still here. Life said I shouldn’t make it, that I should give up and give in, but I haven’t and I wont because giving up isn’t in my blood. I  am about to shock you and you’re not going to like what I have to  say, but the mistake you made was believing that you know me. I  am the head and am not the tail, I am above and am not below, I have the power to turn my world around with the words from my month and I have the power to kill with it. You remember how I used to be don’t you? My steps are ordered by the LORD and all things work together for good to  those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Why are you confusing my dry place as my future? Have you forgotten, that I belong to a GOD who knows how to give water in dry places, and who knows how to make the latter days much better than the first. What’s the matter with you, who told you that I belong to you and why are you acting like you know me?

Remember how you plotted against me to destroy me, everyday you made up your mind that you’re going to destroy me, you want me to be afraid of you and fear you. Ignorantly I did just what you wanted, not realizing the truth.  The truth is, before I was born I was chosen and a future was already created for me.  I used to be afraid of you, because I believed the lies you told me, all the stuff  you spoke about me  in my ear and all the evidence you have shown me. Little did I know what I was seeing wasn’t the truth! You wanted me to believe the lies but I found out  before there ever was a lie there was truth. You said that I wasn’t going to be anything more than what life said that I’d be. You said that life is hard anyway and everyone before me didn’t make it, what’s so special about me and what make me think I am better? I almost believed you and accepted the lies thinking it was the truth. The funny thing is the evidence wasn’t all lies, as I may want to  think because I am not guiltless. I have done all you said I have, but “thank GOD for the cross”. But the real truth is, one needs to be careful what they give their ear to because  the lies sound so much like the truth.

Well today I get to say ” THANK GOD FOR JESUS”! If what you said was the truth why are you still here? The evidence as you say is right before me,so why are you still here? Why are you still talking and why are you working so hard on me, why are you acting so scared, if what you say is the truth? Why aren’t you rejoicing in my dry places and why aren’t you happy when I fall? Why are you still here? Don’t you have somewhere else to be or someone else to talk to? Why are you so interested in my life? Are you so blind, deaf and dumb? Why are you still here if what you say about me is the truth?

“LOL” The fact that you are  still here talking gives me hope, that you spending so much time on me means I  am something  special and my future is big and bright. You make me look forward to my tomorrow and am excited. I realize you are the one who is scared of me and that’s why you’re still talking. All those nasty things you’re saying about and to me, is your sad attempt to brain wash me. You want me to believe these lies, so I can be unhealthy, live in depression and never amount to anything. The joke’s on you because I am a survivor and I am strong, I will never give up on myself. So keep talking  because I will be talking back too, so you best get used to my voice because I am sick and tired of hearing yours.





I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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