A letter to the ones who hurt me.

Dear abuser:

The right way to begin this letter is by asking how is everyone doing? Instead I’ll start by asking another question, “How could  you be so selfish?” How can you look at a child and decide their fate, how can you find pleasure or satisfaction  in a child? What is wrong with you, do you even know that? Seriously, do you know, do you even want to know? Anyway I am writing so you will know, to share with you the pain your selfish actions caused me. At the end of this, I  will be  moving on to the next  train because I won’t allow myself to let you steal anymore from me.

I was a child, when you twisted my world. Your action took my smile, my innocence, my choice. I came to you as a child and you sent me out blank, scared and lost. Afraid to tell someone what just happened because no one told me to be aware of you. Why should they, because they didn’t know your nasty intention. No one knew that you were so sick and so dangerous, they didn’t know babies weren’t safe around you, because you were so good at hiding, weren’t you? It had to be, because that didn’t stop you from coming back. It appears like you didn’t even care if you were caught. I bet you are proud of yourself?  I wonder if you still alive, well I am sure most of you are still kicking, and probably still hurting babies too ?  I  hope not! Well GOD is good and time has a nasty way of catching up with us. It makes no sense to even think about you, nor hate you because you not worth the effort.

You know I really feel sorry for you, because somewhere in your sick, twisted mind, you believe that you were doing the right thing, you believe that your victims wanted this and they are at fault. You truly are a sick empty soul and only GOD can and will deal with you. I guess only He truly understands why you are doing this, but just because He understands doesn’t meant your action wasn’t sinking. Selfish! is truly the name you deserve to be called because, clearly,”you” were the only one you were thinking about.

I honestly wish death for you, and pray you live a nasty miserable life. I pray all hell breaks loose on you and you die in the worst way. But God is good and He wants me heal. So instead I have this for you:

GOD knows, I’ll never understand why you hurt me like that and I wish you weren’t this selfish, but today I can say ” I FORGIVE YOU”, not for you and not because you earned or deserve it, but because GOD wants me healed and I want it to. I pray for His mercies on your soul and hope you surrender. I most of all pray  that you never hurt anyone again! I pray that you get help and you find peace. “I FORGIVE YOU”, in JESUS NAME.




I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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