Why Tell Me Not To Make Excuses, When You Have No Solution For Me?

I have a dream a passion and a desire but not much to do with it. My heart is big and my dream is to great for me to accomplish it. Everyone i ask rejected me included my own father.They have  not hesitation give me the scraps and their left overs. Do this do that, they often say but never given me an helping hand. Am so stick and tired of everyone last one of them and most likely will prove them wrong. Don’t make excuses, “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH”, “I did it, I did it”, but with no solution in their hands or their lips to often this weary soul. Shut up, Shut up, my soul cries out, for you useless to me, you’re like a barking dog that have no bite but only make noise. From a distance you judge and have many things to say but solution to offer me. How dear you accused me of making excuses, when you walking in my shoes? If you think life isn’t what i say, then come here and live mine for a day. “Help me, Help me”, my heart cries out but no one seem to care. It’s funny how am making excuses but no one hear my cries. “Alas. Alas, O my LORD, why is life this hard? “Give me a chance, i beg of you and don’t let me die in vain.

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I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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