I was eleven (11) years old when my school had to sing a song for child month day lol. I still today this day remember the words to the song, it goes something like this, ( ” Education is the key to build our own country, so teach us, how to set our goals and reach them, set good examples, so we could the men and women of tomorrow, dont abuse me, educated me”). I love that song onto this day and ever so often it will come to my mind and bring a smile on my face lol.  Looking back i was so excited about my future and to be the men and women of tomorrow as the song said’s. Sadly though i realie that the song didnt tell us who  would be our teachers, because sadly the men and women who was suppose to teach us either didnt do a good enough job or we werent listenning.

In this world today, poeple want to believe that money is power and those who get it can do anything their hearts desires. Though i believe that money is needed and with it one can achieve whatever goals they have in their hearts, i dont believe thats its powerful. I believe that with knownledge one can even take the money from the people who already have it. Ever so often i see alot of us as young people chasing the money believeing that its the power we need, only to fall short. Ever so often we tense to focus on the wrong things, listenning to the wrong sounds, and trusting the wrong voice, not realizing that these voices and sounds, isnt telling us the whole truth.

They not telling us, that truth power is when you have knowlegde, and with knowledge comes power and with power comes money, and in the right hands thats when the world see what power is all about. Education is the beginning of power, for when one has an education, then that can determine the future. With an education we not only change our future for ourself but we also change our future for all those we connected to and for our country. With an education it give you the power to shape your world and help shape the world for others.

Now that am an adult i understand what my child month song meant, we are now the men and women of world, we are the futures lawyers and doctors and police office, and bankers and leaders of tomorrow, and now we are the once who have to shape our life now because we are now bringing children into this world thats going to be the next men and women of tomorrow. Unfortunately if we not careful and dont get our acts together we wont have much of anything to leave for the next men and women of tomorrow.  Look around you today and see everyday, that though education is the key for a successful future, without knowledge you are doom and the next future men and women are doom. The sad thing about all this, not many know the different between an education and knowledge much less know how to balance them both, but for the few that know the different and have them both are the once who are truely powerful and they are the once who can shape this world for the better and help the next future men and women of tomorrow.

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I am passionate and filled with life. I believe as long as there is life there is hope and life is a choice. I am no quitter and will never give up on my life. My favorites Scripture is Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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